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Remember happy moments.

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."- Omar Khayyam

My inspiration: Vintage ladies collage by Brenda Brown 

Idea-ology – Tim Holtz – Paper Dolls – Groups

Art Journal Pad’by Jodie Lee from Prima Marketing. Click link for examples.

Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamps: Odds and Ends

Vintage collage paper collection-Scrappy Chic-Me and my big ideas, unknown acrylic stamp, marker, scissors, ruler, pencil, Card-stock, ruler-sticker, ink-pad, eye-shadow applicator, acrylic block, dimensional dots, adhesive, small hole punch  etc





So Happy Together.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." -Josh Billings

Close up. 

My inspiration: Lucky Dog by Paula Cheney (One lucky Day)



Close to My Heart “Flock Together – Stamp of the Month” Item S1704 Set of 11 images and phrases.

Colorbok 68117E Designer Paper Pad Vintage Treasures, 12″ X 12″

Paper Dolls by Tim Holtz Idea-ology.

“Music” 12×12 Paper Pizazz – Hot Off The Press


Card-stock, ink-pad, foam brush, tissue paper, scissors, acrylic block, eye-shadow applicator, adhesive, marker, dimensional dots, etc.

Sources: Vintage Printable - Ephemera Ads and VINTAGE PICTURES FOR CREATIVITY

Technique: Stamping images on tissue paper from Hop along studio.




Whimsical Houses.

 "For sailors and fishermen, brightly colored houses helped them find their way home through the fog and inclement weather." -Askingalot wing 

Supplies: Watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, tracing paper, pencil, ruler, waterproof pencil, painter's tape, markers, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, eraser, etc. 

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St John's, Newfoundland, Canada



Frozen Waterfall.

We did the Ghost River Run again.
Click here for photos and info.
It was a bit warmer and we had more sunlight, which made for better photographs.
Afterwards we had a Barbeque in the woods.
This road is only open between December and March.

Frozen Waterfall.(Good, Bad, Ugly.)
Watch on YouTube.


Four wheel vehicles only.

Frozen Waterfall in the Rockies.
See Next photo.

Close up.
See previous photo.

Map of the area.

"The origin of the name Ghost varies somewhat, but generally relates to local First Nations legends regarding a battle at the confluence of the Ghost and Bow between the Stoney and Blackfoot peoples. Spirits of those slain in the battle were said to haunt the area, leading to the name being adopted after it was initially coined Deadman's River by the Palliser Expedition in 1860.[1]"- Wikipedia [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzHwgNhVxSw]

Adventure on the TransAlta Trail, vehicle recovery ahead!! from Overland Alberta

Ghost River Run Directions and map from Wikiloc

"The Ghost Public Land Use Zone (Ghost PLUZ) is 1500 square kilometers (579 square miles) of mixed-use recreation area located to the northwest of the city of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. There are five notable peaks in the area, the tallest of which is Zombie Peak (2778m/9,114ft)." - Ghost Public Land Use Zone



Ghost River Run.




Ghost River Run.

We went to the Ghost River wilderness area to see the frozen waterfalls.
We have been there a few times before in the summer and in winter.

Ghost Run to Frozen Waterfalls. Watch on YouTube.

If you look carefully you can see an ice-climber right at top to your right.

Crossing the "Mighty" Ghost River.

Watch on YouTube.

Driving our Landrover through deep snow along the Ghost river.
Watch on YouTube

A map of the area.

This area consists of rugged mountain terrain & glacier-carved valleys; Aylmer, Apparition, Oliver & Costigan mountains reach elevations of 2743 to 3353 metres; below 2100 metres there are subalpine forests of Engelmann & white spruce, fir & lodgepole pine; above 2100 metres are grasses, sedges & wildflowers; many rare species of butterflies; wildlife includes bighorn sheep, deer, moose, mountain lions, bears & wolves; travel is by foot only; hunting & fishing are prohibited.” – Travel Alberta Canada – Trip Planner Who can resist seeing places with names like Malignant Mushroom, Good Bad Ugly, Hydrophobia,  The Sorcerer and Wicked Wanda ? The Ghost River area is one of the world’s finest ice climbing destinations.


Landscapes of the Ghost Watershed


Blackrock area map in Ghost-Waiparous from Eric and Lucie’s website. (Click on thumb-nails.)

Hikes-ice-climbs in the area.

Valley of the Birds.

Hydrophobia and Sorcerer from Gravsports

The Sorcerer (Slide Show) from Lamountaineers.org

Ice Climbing in the Ghost from Eric and Lucie’s website

Hydrophobia from Eric and Lucie’s website

North Ghost, Alberta –This House of Sky– Phantom Falls– The Sorcerer– The Eagle

South Ghost, Alberta– Aquarius– Wicked Wanda– Rainbow Serpent– Malignant Mushroom– Lacy Gibbet

Hoodoo Hall

The Devil’s Head Alberta-Das Lorne Blog

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Frozen Ghost.

Devil’s Gap

Ghost River.


Ghost – 2006




Bobcat in our Garden.

A Bobcat on our fence. 16.2.2022

I was fortunate to spot him behind the trees. 16.2.2022

"While still twice the size of domestic cats, bobcats are the smallest species of wild cat in Alberta. They are distinguishable by their black tufted ears, dark markings, and of course their short “bobbed” tails. These felines can be found in southern Alberta, and range over a variety of different habitats such as riparian woodlands, coniferous forests, broadleaf forests, swamps, and even suburban areas. They are not picky eaters, and are categorized as opportunistic feeders, meaning they feed on whatever prey is are most abundant, including squirrels, birds, and jackrabbits."- BOBCATS IN THE CITY "While many people worry about bobcats being dangerous, these cats are not at all likely to attack humans. However, small pets (think jackrabbit-sized and under) can be in danger if they happen to come across this wild cat. It’s best to keep small pets inside or supervise them outdoors to make sure they are safe, especially if there is a bobcat in the area." - Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) 

Looking at us.


The history behind Calgary's growing bobcat population

This wasn't our first visit of a Bobcat, the following photos were taken in 2020.

Why do Calgarians keep seeing bobcats? They’re winning at urban life, says conservationist

Bobcats seem to be everywhere in Calgary. Find out where they originally came from





A Neighbor's photo,

A Bobcat next to our shed, taken by another of our neighbors while we were away camping.

A Bobcat on our fence taken by our neighbor while we were away camping. Taken in 2020


BOB WATCH - Tracking the RRRO Bobcat

Wildlife in our Garden 1

Wildlife in our garden 2




Beleive in Magic.

“We do not need magic to transform our world.
We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” ― J.K. Rowling, 

Close up of crackle. 

Inspiration: Magical by Victoria Lefevre


Strathmore® 300 Series
Mixed Media Pad.
Paper Dolls by Tim Holtz
Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel -


Americana® Mixed Media
Tie Dye Stencil.
VERSAMARK PAD All Night Media Ornamental Letters & Numbers
36 Rubber Stamps.

Butterfly Die Cuts.

Card-stock, pop dots, inkpad, eye-shadow applicator, adhesive, acrylic paint, glitter glue, Pinking shears, paint brushes, School glue, wooden letters, circle punch, paper insects, Heat gun, etc.

Techniques: Faux Encaustic using Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel from MixedMedia Jenn

How To Create Crackle Effect from Noit Art (wait at least 5 minutes until the glue is tacky.)