Camper Electronics.

My Tablet sleeve. Blog Disclaimer: Products mentioned on my blog are for information purposes only.

Some of the electronics in the camper. On the right in the red shell is a MotoMaster Eliminator 100 W Inverter,
There is an extension cord and double adapters in the green bag.


We are charging the camera battery in the truck using a MotoMaster Eliminator 100 W Inverter, available from Canadian Tire. We keep it in a hardshell case. We keep our phone chargers in the ruck to charge while travelling.

These are some of the Electronics we use.
Garmen G.P.S with Tripadvisor, Foursquare & charger. Cameras, equipment: tripod, lenses, Accessories, Chargers, etc. Laptop, bag, mouse & charger. Walkie-talkies and charger Phones, chargers and charger blocks. External hard-drive Extension cord Earbuds. Samsung Galaxy Tablet S3, sleeve, cable and charger. Generator and cables. USB Wall Chargers Dash camera USB Cords Small rechargeable USB Fan to fan flames. Double adapter. Reader, sleeve, charging cable and charger block Yamaha Generator. Lantern Headlamps, Flashlights and batteries Water pump


 We use a RIDGID X4 18-Volt Cordless Mini Radio to keep up to date with the weather forecasts, news, etc. It is compatible with all 18V RIDGID Batteries/tools. We also have a flashlight and a drill, which uses the same rechargeable battery, to lower and lift our camper’s stabilizers.

C-Tech Wireless Weather Station.

40 W Coleman Solar panel charges two deep cycle 6V camper batteries.

Bluetti Portable Power Station

We use it to charge our phones, laptop, tablet, cameras, radios, walkie-talkies, etc. while boondocking or travelling. It can also be used for powering a small fridge when car camping.  It has USB ports and power outlets. We can also plug in a 110 V electric heated seat cushion, electric blanket, etc. when needed. The Bluetti and accessories fit in an Orange shotgun ammo case, part of a set of three available from Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer, Travel Cable Organizer Double Layer Electronics Accessories Cases Portable for Tablet 7.9″, USB Drive, Cords,

BAGSMART Travel Universal Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Cases Review


 Earbuds, D-Link card reader & cable, charger block,  SD cards, etc. Even though we can use the same chargers for some devices, it is easier to pack them all as it makes it easier to charge everything simultaneously.


 Tablet charger cable, Portable Power Bank & Cable, External Portable Hard Drive & Cable, Reader charger, etc. Stylis, is not shown. 



Handmade Ephemera.


I made some handmade Ephemera, which I will keep in a container to use in Art Journals, etc.
I got this idea from Crafty by Toni. Inspiration: Angelique liek_creatief on Instagram


Click on thumbnails for larger images.

PANFELOU Clock key Transparent Clear Silicone Stamp/Seal Destination Holidays acrylic stamp set. Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamps: Odds and Ends.
Acrylic set from Dollarrama. Vintage acrylic stamps. Stampin' Scrub,

Scissors, cardstock, acrylic and wood-mounted stamps, inkpad, stamp cleaner, inkpad, brayer, scrap paper, acrylic block, etc.

The stamped images were cut out with scissors.

The stamped images were then fussy cut with detail scissors.

I inked the edges and I will colour them with watercolour or ink when I use them.

Tutorial: HOW I MADE **Tim Holtz** Ephemera…….START TO FINISH ……by Crafty by Toni Stampin' Scrub 101 by Candy Ford